03 / 04 / 2019

JERA Global Markets’ LNG business becomes operational

JERA Global Markets (“JERAGM”) is pleased to announce the launch of its LNG business which is now operational following the merging of JERA and EDF Trading’s LNG optimisation and trading activities.  The merger enables JERAGM to significantly expand its global energy trading platform, allowing it to provide wide-ranging services for its customers including LNG supply, offtake and financial risk management.  The Company has been renamed “JERA Global Markets” from “JERA Trading” to acknowledge the significant expansion of its business activities.

With around 300 people operating from headquarters in Singapore and with offices in London, Baltimore and Tokyo, JERAGM operates one of the largest seaborne energy portfolios in the world, supporting customers at all the key points of the global LNG, coal and freight value chains.

The JERAGM optimisation and trading team has deep experience of the LNG, coal and freight markets.  The LNG team manages the flexibility of over 35 million tonnes of supply each year with structural access to both the European and North American gas markets through EDF Trading.  The coal team manages 60 million tonnes of supply each year and operates a major coal terminal in the Netherlands.

JERAGM is strongly capitalised with $900m of total equity and $950m of committed shareholder facilities.  It recently acquired an A (stable) rating from R&I.  

JERAGM is a joint venture between JERA Co., Inc. (66.67% through JERA Trading International Pte. Ltd. equity) and EDF Trading (33.33% equity).

“The LNG market is undergoing a period of rapid transformation underpinned by the growth of LNG optimisation and trading.  JERA Global Markets is at the forefront of this change and we look forward to supporting the needs of our shareholders and customers in the coming years”, said Kazunori Kasai, Chief Executive Officer, JERAGM.

For further information, please contact: 

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